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Calculating ICAA Registry Classification

Calculate your horse’s ICAA Registry Classification on our  

Once the ICAA registry designation is understood, one can immediately recognize the strength of a horse's Appaloosa genetics simply by looking at its ICAA registration number.

​ICAA's Foundation Registry horses are in no way connected to the ApHC's foundation horses. ICAA's F numbered horses are ICAA's foundation stock for the future Purebred Appaloosa registry that will be opened up for horses that are eight generations or more of only Appaloosas x Appaloosa. 

The ICAA horse is assigned to the "Regular Registry" if both the horse's sire and dam are Appaloosas registered with ICAA approved registries.

The ICAA horse is assigned to the Foundation Registry ("F" levels) based on how many entire generations are registered Appaloosas.  If all four of the grandparents are registered Appaloosas, the ICAA horse is awarded an "F2" Certificate of Registry.  If all eight of the great-grandparents (the third generation) are registered Appaloosas, the ICAA horse achieves an "F3" Certificate of Registry.  "F4" Certificates of Registry indicate that all 16 of the great-great-grandparents are registered Appaloosas.  The "F" level registry designation progresses along the same guidelines for "F5", "F6", etc.  

If at any time within the pedigree even one horse within a generation is unregistered, unknown, or of any other breed including Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, or Arabian, the "F" ranking drops back to the previous level. 

In the example pedigree grid below, all of the ICAA horse's ancestors in the first, second, and the third generation are registered Appaloosas.  In the fourth generation, however, a great-great-granddam of the the sire is a Thoroughbred registered with the Jockey Club.  This horse would be ranked at the ICAA "F3" level even though the ApHC rates it 97% FPD.

A pedigree shows a particular horse's ancestry.  It is often shown in a grid-like format, and may contain a variety of information, including ancestors' year of birth, color, and achievements. 

ICAA uses the standard genealogical method for generation identification.  The horse's sire and dam are the first generation, the grandsire and granddam are the second generation, etc.