​​by Kim Rumpsa  

Kim Rumpsa's story of her life with horses and the long road of showing,riding, and hard work to become the owner of not only one living Gold Medallion earning stallion, but two living Gold    Medallion stallions, and the owner of the only Appaloosa horse in the world to have earned two Gold Medallions.   

by Lora Duckett

Originally published in the January-March 1997 ICAA Report

Some people wonder why ICAA no longer allows breeding of Applaoosas to Quarter Horses, Arabians or Thoroughbreds.  You won't wonder any longer about the dangers of breeding to a Quarter Horse if you read this article. 

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by Jan Dobson
Originally published in the Winter 2014/2015 ICAA Newsletter
Jan and Stan Dobson of Foggy Valley Farms are showing breeders what hard work and quality stock can produce! In 2015, they produced the first documented 7 generation Appaloosa colt in the world.​ ​

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by Deb DeHoff

Originally published in the Fall 1999 ICAA Report

Deborah DeHoff gives some pointers on training and showing youngsters.  Deb has been showing babies for the past 18 years.

by Sharon January

Sharon January gives pointers on registrations pictures and the importance of sending in good clear shots of your horse.  

Sharon spent several years working in the ApHC Registration department, dealing daily with the pictures and descriptions... and the problems associated with them!