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Kolle Prince Wyakin
ApHC FPD: 100%
2004 Chestnut Stallion, Varnish w/Blanket
Sire: Alkar Whitelightning
Dam: UlrichPrincess Taira

​​"Kolle" is a son of Alkar Whitelightning, ApHC # 596957 out of a Ulrich mare.  His excellent "old line" breeding really shows in his color and conformation and his gentle disposition.  This stallion is broke to ride and is beautiful under saddle.  Kolle has produced several very nice foals for us and his F5 fillies will be used for future breeding to build our Purebred Appaloosa Program.  We  will be standing Kolle At Stud until he is sold (See him in the Stallion Showcase).  This is a proven stallion who produces quality foals that will be an asset to any program.  

For Sale to a Breeder who needs a good proven 100% FPD stallion or to someone who would like to geld him and have a good tempered, good looking riding horse with a refresher training course.  I will be negotiable on the price for the right home.

With a contract, I will gladly do the 5 panel test before sale is completed.  

Contact:  Jan Dobson, Foggy Valley Farms (615) 408-4667 or email 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ad Re-up 12/24/17

BCA Chats Shinaku F6-2700

2016 Black Black Colt

5-Panel N/N

EE, aa

LP/LP, n/n for PATN1

n/n for T, LWO, Sb1, SW1, SW2, SW3

​By BCA Tofoz Chatanga F5-2646

Out of BCA Tofoz Fudasan F5-2637

​ApHC G6 and FPD 100%

Shared First Place with BCA Kagos Dazaifu (above) in ApHC FPD Halter Stallions at the 2017 Appaloosa Museum Benefit Horse Show.This is a beautiful homozygous black, homozygous LP/LP, and a very rareF6 (6 generation) colt! What an asset to any breeding program!  See his sire above, also for sale.  Price is negotiable to good breeding program. SPECIAL: See below next colt.


See contact information below next colt:                                                                            Ad Re-Up 12/24/17

The proven stallion (first horse above) and all three of the colts above would make excellent herd sires!  These are very rare 5 and 6 generation black stallion and colts that carry some very good bloodlines.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to own such fine stallions. The prices of the yearling colts are negotiable to someone with a good breeding program that will utilize these bloodlines and quality. 

The price of these colts has been drastically reduced to $1000 each!  Must make room for the upcoming 2018 foals.  Don't miss this opportunity! 

Charles Potts
Walla Walla, WA
Blue Creek Appaloosas                                                                                                   
Ad Re-Up 12/24/17

BCA Kagos Dazaifu F5-2698

2016 Black Leopard Colt

5-Panel N/N

​By BCA Tofoz Kagoshima F5-2639

Out of DREA Patchyrainwater F4-2636

ApHC G5 and FPD 100%

Shared First Place with BCA Chats Shinaku (below) in ApHC FPD Halter Stallions at the 2017 Appaloosa Museum Benefit Horse Show.  This super nice F5 colt should top 15 hands.  Price is negotiable to good breeding program. SPECIAL: See below next two colts.


See contact information below the next two colts:                                                         Ad Re-Up 12/24/17

BCA Tofoz Chatanga F5-2646

2013 Black Near-Leopard Stallion

5-Panel N/N

By BCAP Tobys Fossil

Out of DREA Patchyrainwater F4-2636

ApHC GAP 5 and FPD 100%

Approximately ​100 hours under saddle. Young, strong, healthy and postcard perfect. His farrier says he has the best legs, feet, and bone of any horse he trims.  His first foal crop was in 2016 and he did himself proud!  See two of his foal below, BCA Chats Shinaku and BCA Chats Tsumango.  You can also see him in the Stallion Showcase.  Let him produce foals like this for you!  Priced at $5000.


See contact information below the next three colts:                                                       Ad Re-Up 12/24/17

BCA Chats Tsumango F5-2701

2016 Black Leopard Colt

5-Panel N/N

By BCA Tofoz Chatanga F5-2646

Out of SHA Patchobys Design F4-2645

ApHC G5 and FPD 100%

Another good colt who is very personable and athletic.  See his sire above who is also for sale. Price is negotiable to good breeding program.


See contact information below:                                                                                         Ad Re-Up 12/24/17

Green borders/backgrounds denote horses that have tested negative for genetic defects.

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