For your consideration:
2012 Black Solid Stallion
CTR Smokin Hot Eagle x Silver Cheetah Spot
ICAA F4-pending
ApHC N680919
5-Panel N/N
EE, aa, lp/lp, PATN1/PATN1, and n/n for T, LBO, LWO, SB1, SW1, SW2, SW3


See him in the Stallion Showcase

Stallions offered in random order:

BCA Chats Yamahawk

BCA Tofoz Chatanga

Totally Distinctive

Brandon's Sun Bear

FVF Straight Magic

CTR Turn and Burn

HHR Ima Razzlin Bear

Rajuns Royal Prince

RSecretJoe Medallion

​Lazy Moon Malheur MS

For your consideration:
2016 Black Near-Fewspot Leopard
BCA Tofoz Chatanga x BCA Tofoz Pahsimeroi
ICAA F6-2699
ApHC #680639, GAP 6, FPD 100%
5-Panel N/N

See him in the Stallion Showcase

For your consideration:
2007 Bay Snowcap
GFW Sully Solstice x Many Moon Eclipse
ApHC #649161 FPD 100%

ICAA Contact Information
​4610 New Mexico 206
Milnesand, NM 88125
For problems navigating the website, contact Sharon at 575-607-9737 from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm MST 
or email at above email address

Bear is homozygous Black.  He is ICAA, CRHA, and ApHC registered. He is the sire of multiple CRHA Futurity winners. Cutting and reining bred.

2019 Fee is $600 plus mare care

Standing at Horizon Hills Ranch, Elgin, Pennsylvania

​Live Cover Only

Rules and information for the 2019 ICAA Stallion Service Auction.  Please read in its entirety!  

The auction will run from March 10, 2019 through March 23, 2019. The bidding will start at 12:01 EST and end at Midnight EST. 

Bids can be placed in a number of ways as follows: 2019 ICAA Stallion Service Auction
1) By posting a comment with your bid under the stallion's picture on the ICAA Facebook page dedicated to this auction: 
2) Email to ICAA at
3) By text to Cheryl Miller at 814-882-5014
4) By text to Sharon January at 575-607-9737
5) By Private Message through Facebook to the 2019 ICAA Stallion Service Page, to the ICAA Page, to Cheryl Miller, or to Sharon January (please sign into Facebook prior to clicking on the links for Cheryl and Sharon or it may appear the links are broken)

 All bids will be posted on the 2019 ICAA Stallion Service Auction Facebook page under the stallion's picture that is being bid on. If you are not on Facebook, please let us know and we will keep you informed.  Remember, BIDS ARE A CONTRACT! BIDS ARE FINAL AND CANNOT BE WITHDRAWN.

Bids should include the stallion's full name
Bid amount must be in US dollars
Starting bid is $100.00
Bidding will be in $25.00 increments
You do not need to be an ICAA member to bid on a stallion
All monies from the winning bids must be sent to the ICAA office or paid by Paypal within 10 days of the auctions end
Winning bidders and stallion owners will be notified of winning bids when the auction ends

At the completion of the auction winning bidders and stallion owners will be notified. Stallion owners will send the winning bidders a contract.

Bidders will be bound by the stallion owners contract and any and all mare care and/or chute fees shall be payable to the stallion owner.

All donated stallions will receive one free ICAA foal registration for 2019.

Winning bidders will receive one free year membership with ICAA.​

Chatanga has proven himself as a sire with a number of extremely nice offspring on the ground.

Standing at Blue Creek Appaloosas, Walla Walla, Washington
Live Cover Only

​"Rajun" is the Senior Stallion at Foggy Valley Farms located in Middle Tennessee. He has shown in both ApHC Open and FPD Halter Classes and been listed in the Top Ten Leading the Nation many times. He is broke to ride and very athletic and quick moving. This Stallion has proven himself over and over by consistently producing quality, colorful foals that can compete in many disciplines. Future Purebred Appaloosas produced at Foggy Valley Farms will proudly carry the genetics of this great stallion.​

Standing at Foggy Valley Farms in Auburntown, Tennessee
​Live Cover Only

For your consideration:
2006 Black Fewspot Leopard
Brandon's Sun Bear X Dazzlin Sugarbritches 
ICAA F2-2538
ApHC #647242 
5-Panel N/N
LP/LP, n/PATN1, and n/n for T, LBO, SB1, SW1, SW2, SW3

For your consideration:
2000 Bay Varnish Near-Fewspot Leopard
Cajun Raging x Cajun's Sassylady
ICAA F4-2619
ApHC #592281 FPD 100%
5-Panel N/N

For your consideration:
2013 Black with Blanket
BCAP Tobys Fossil x DREA Patchyrainwater
ICAA F5-2646
ApHC #673206, GAP 5, FPD 100%
5-Panel N/N

For your consideration:
2012 Black Varnish Snowcap
Rajuns Royal Prince x My Magic Moonshine
ICAA F4-2703
ApHC #682372 FPD 100%

See him in the Stallion Showcase

• Carries the bloodlines that are the building blocks of the Appaloosa breeding program at Foggy Valley Farms   
• Has two colored foals on the ground
• Easy to handle, train, and has a good mind that will be passed on to his offspring

Standing at Foggy Valley Farms in Auburntown, Tennessee
Live Cover Only

See him in the Stallion Showcase

Lazy Moon Malheur MS is a kind and gentle stallion.  He throws some very nice foals, many that excel in dressage.  He has the Indian Shuffle, good conformation, straight legs, and old bloodlines such as Rainy Moon Malhuer, Kemos Fire Shadow, Dun Roven Chelseas Image, and Ghostwind stallion.  

Standing at Susan's Place/ Therapeutic Horsemanship Center in Concho, AZ
Live Cover only

For your consideration:
1997 Bay Leopard
Lots A Snow X Mar-CS Nita Real
ICAA F3-2263
ApHC 565329 
5-Panel N/N
LP/lp, n/PATN1, and n/n for T, LBO, SB1, SW1, SW2, SW3

See him in the Stallion Showcase

Photo by Ranobi Photography

For your consideration, a Gold Medallion earning stallion:
2005 Chestnut Snowcap
Secret Mr BarReed x Dancing Cherub
5-Panel N/N
ICAA F3-2443
ApHC #635597 FPD 83%

Sired by Secret Mr BarReed (F2-1799), the only Appaloosa Stallion in the world to earn two ApHC Gold Medallions.

Below is a condensed version of this stallion awards, far too many to list individually:

This nice young colt is a rare six-generation and a guaranteed color producer with his homozygous LP and PATN1 genetics!  If you have an equally rare six-generation mare, this is the stallion to be looking at! 

2019 Fee $600
Standing at Blue Creek Appaloosas, Walla Walla, Washington
Live Cover Only

For your consideration:

2003 Chestnut Leopard
Distinctive x Buster's Bright KO
5-Panel N/N
ApHC #620226, FPD 80%

Brandon's Sun Bear is registered with ICAA, CRHA, and the ApHC.  He has multiple National Show titles with CRHA, ACAAP Masters in Team Penning.  He is the sire and grandsire of multiple Futurity Champions.  He is gaited!

2019 Fee is $750 plus mare care.

Standing at Horizon Hill Ranch, Elgin, Pennsylvania 
Live Cover Only

ApHC Medallions Awarded:

1 Gold Medallion in Competitive Trail Riding
5 Bronze Medallions in FPD Halter and Hunter in Hand Stallions
3 Silver Medallions in Performance-Green Hunter, Pre-Green Hunter and Ladies' Side Saddle 

ApHC Trail Awards:
500 Mile Superior Event Award and 250 Mile Register of Merit 

ApHC Open Awards:
Numerous Year End Top Ten Awards in FPD Halter Stallion, Working Hunter, Pleasure Driving, Senior Hunter Hack, Hunter in Hand Stallions, Ladies' Side Saddle, Green Hunter, Pre-Green Hunter, Green Hunter, Junior Hunter Hack and Three-Year Old Stallions from 2006 through 2015.
Register of Merit in Senior Hunter Hack, Senior Trail, Green Hunter, Pre-Green Hunter, Ladies' Side Saddle, FPD Halter Stallions, Hunter in Hand Stallions and Halter.
Supreme Champion
Versatility Champion
ApHC Club Champion
Superior Event - Hunter in Hand Stallions 

ApHC Non-Pro Awards:
Register of Merit in Halter, Non-Pro Reining, Non-Pro Hunter Hack, Non-Pro Keyhole Race, Non-Pro Working Hunter and Non-Pro Hunter in Hand
Versatility Champion
Supreme Champion
ApHC Club Champion
Superior Event in Non-Pro Hunter in Hand 

ACAAP Awards:
Certificate of Achievement in Games Designation H
Year End Top Ten in Over Fence Designation Halter St, Games Designation Halter St and Driving Designation Halter St.

Standing at Spotted Rump Ranch in Ware, Missouri.
Live Cover, Cooled Shipped Semen or Frozen Semen​

The proceeds  from this auction will go to help support our activities such as the Trail Logging Program, Open Show Point Program, and the Distance Program (Endurance and Competitive Trail). Fund raisers like the Stallion Service Auction help us maintain our very reasonable fees.

See him in the Stallion Showcase

2019 ICAA Annual Stallion Service Auction

See him in the Stallion Showcase

"Ben" is 15 h and is a non characteristic solid black stallion. Ben has excellent conformation and has beautiful movement. He throws tremendous color when paired with the right mare, even if she only carries one or no copies of PATN1. This is the perfect stallion to be looking at for your LP/LP mares! 

CTR Turn & Burn is registered with the following registries:
Appaloosa Horse Club #674171 - 100% FPD
Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry *pending* 
International Colored Appaloosa Association *pending*
Foundation Appaloosa Association *pending*
American Appaloosa Association *pending*

Ben has a wonderful foundation appaloosa personality. To date, all of his foals have had significant color from colored mares. Ben carries on some wonderful foundation lines such as Solar Flair Eclat, Simcoes Sarcee, Pratt Toby Secret, Sun Powder Spirit, Kaniksus Spots, Cedar Ridge Spot, and more. 

Standing to the public at Murder Hollow, Spring City, Pennsylvania
Live Cover or Shipped Semen, winning bidder to pay collection fee 

100% color production to date.  "Vagas" show experience was limited due to an injury, but has a very good pedigree (check out his sire's show record on AllBreedPedigree).  He has also sired winners, including the following:

  • Distinctive Find ROR; 2010 NLSAF Color Class winner, 2-year Canadian Champion in halter, 2013 WISSOTA 1st Place Youth, and 1st place Most Colorful.
  • Distinctive Print ROR; 2012 Reserve Color Class winner and Champion of NLSAF 2013 yearling futurity. 

Vagas has a great disposition, conformation, color, and is bred in the purple.  Do not pass this opportunity up!

Hall of Fame horses in his pedigree include:

Goer, Joker B, Jokers Sleepy, Banbi E, Mansfield's Comanche, Bar Gill, Mighty Bright, Bright Eyes Brother, King Plaudit, Prince Plaudit, Sundance 500, Wapiti, and Top Hat H.

Quarter Horses:
Billy cleg, Peter McCue, Skipper W, Sugar Bars, Plaudit, Oklahoma Star, Bert, Three Bars, Zantanon, Joe Hancock, Joe Reed, Joe Reed II, Lightning Bar, Leo, Traveler, and Wimpy.

Comnmando, Domino, Broomstick, Ben Brush, and Man 'O War.

2019 Fee $300

Standing at JV Farms in Isanti, Minnesota
Available for Shipped Semen and Live Cover in 2019