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REMINDER: ICAA Stallion and mare owners. Any stallions turning in a stallion report for 2017 and any mares on this report will have to have 5-Panel test results and DNA Typing on file with ICAA. DNA Typing MUST be on file with Animal Genetics (AGI). Starting January 1, 2018 ALL horses being registered must have 5-Panel negative results on file with ICAA AND have DNA Typing on file with AGI to be eligible for registration.

Remember, once a sire and dam have both tested negative, none of their foals will need tested, so this is an initial expense that will rarely have to be done again. DNA Typing will be necessary on foals but not the more expensive 5-Panel test. MEMBERS, USE THE ICAA/AGI PARTNERSHIP FORM AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE FOR DISCOUNTS ON GENETIC TESTING PACKAGES AND DNA TYPING. If AGI offers deals such as getting a free Color or Pattern Package, you can still use the ICAA/AGI partnership form, attach their coupon and attach their form for the color or pattern package deal. OUR FORM SHOULD BE USED FOR THE REQUIRED TESTS AS THE DNA TYPING IS INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE. Form is available on the ICAA website.

Part of ICAA's goal is to have a clean registry for all known genetic defects and for its integrity by doing parentage verification. Stallion and mare owner's should prepare by getting untested breeding stock tested now and throughout this year so if they have a lot of horses they can do this gradually rather than get hit with it all at one time when they're trying to register foals next year.

ICAA makes zero dollars off of these tests. 
Our partnership and discounted packages with AGI are 100% a member benefit.

I purchased my “dream horse”, Hollidazzle Lena, late in the summer of 2011. She was by Mr Doc B Lena, a stallion owned by ApHC hall of famer Eddie Wood. I have always loved reining and this mare could do it. We quickly clicked. I found she was a true pleasure to ride and she was what I had all those years ago in that little Cookie mare; a partner. She was willing, athletic, smart, and had the biggest heart. I took her to a few local shows and for the first time in my life I was a true contender. I have to admit, it actually felt great to see people roll their eyes as we arrived at a show because they had to compete against us. I have had more than one quarter horse owner comment “I am not an Appaloosa person but that mare could change my mind.” She is the whole package! She has done well in reining but has excelled in pleasure, showmanship, halter and just about anything else we had asked her to do. 

I have taken her to the CRHA Nationals every year that I have owned her. She won National Champion Mare 2015, 2016 and 2017. Our biggest year was 2016 as we achieved a lifelong goal of winning most Versatile Horse! She has taught me to dream big and we have succeeded! 

I decided to breed her in spring of 2015 to Cheryl Miller’s few spot stallion HHR Ima Razzlin Bear. Holi Shift, aka “Tia”, was the first foal born on our new farm in April 2016. A solid bay with characteristics, she has now roaned into a loud spotted and lovely two-year old. She won the CRHA futurity at the National Show 2016.  This past summer she was shown by Tia Waldron, a 4H member who is an amazing young horse woman. She was 4th place yearling halter horse out of the entire state of Pennsylvania at the 4H Junior Horse Show.  She was the only Appaloosa that made it to the Championship against all other breeds. Both Tia the girl and Tia the horse will continue their show career together.  I think this is especially important because this young lady has gained an appreciation for the breed that I love. The youth are our future and the two Tias have become ambassadors of the breed for all the other young people they show with. 

November 2015 I realized my biggest lifelong goal of buying my own farm.  We bought a nice little ranch house in Union City, PA. We named our farm after our daughter Farrah. She was a “later in life” baby and quite a surprise after having 3 boys. She also shares her mother’s love of the horses.  The farm is called Farr-ah-way Farm (pronounced far away). We are now “far away” from the struggles of the past and now we are truly living the dream. It is still a work in progress, but it's mine.

 I decided reluctantly to rebreed Holli that year. I don’t like breeding back to back and especially wanted to get back in the show ring with Holli. Fate threw in a wrench. Cheryl had the opportunity to lease Zippo Spots Galore. He was a rock star in my eyes and I didn’t know if I would ever get the chance again to breed Holli to this Champion.  I am so glad that I did! We had the loudest leopard colt we named Holi Spots Galore, aka “Phoenix” (as his sire’s barn name is “Felix”).  Phoenix won both futurities he was in as a weanling. I never grow tired of the “ooos" and "ahhs” when I take him out in public. I have big plans for him! ​ 

Farrah Stearns aboard Hollidazzle Lena with Tia Waldron, Leadline at the CRHA Nationals


MEMBERSHIPS are due!  Memberships run from January 1st through December 31st.  Still only $15 annually!  ​

STALLION REPORTS are due!  Stallion Reports are due by December 31st and are free for current members.  Any ICAA stallion that has covered any mare, whether Appaloosa or another breed needs to file a report with all mares listed.  

Click on the Official Handbook navigation tab to go to the updated Rule Book. 

Please read the rules in their entirety.  Know your registry!  

Mariclaire with Holi Spots Galore; aka Phoenix

2016 filly Holi Shift; aka Tia, and Mariclaire Stearns

I have achieved so many of my dreams because of these horses. For me, the Appaloosa is the BEST choice! They are my life. I understand that my horses are ambassadors for this breed. I want to show people Appaloosas are not spotted Quarter Horses. I love sharing my knowledge of the versatility and willingness of this breed.  I love what the ICAA stands for and how it wants to preserve this breed. I am happy to be a part of this as I am just beginning to produce quality Appaloosas of my own.  I have the goals of the ICAA in mind.  I believe the ApHC has lost its way. The ICAA puts the horse first and wants what is best for the breed. The people are dedicated, knowledgeable and have the same passion I do for this breed.  I am very excited for the future of my farm, my horses and the ICAA.

I remember the first Appaloosa I consciously laid my eyes on. She was a big spotted roan mare standing out in a pasture at a local horse dealer. My mother asked, “What kind of horse is that? She’s beautiful!” That was it! I was hooked. The way her beautiful spots stood out against all those plain bays and chestnuts. Nothing compared! 

Shortly thereafter, the dealer called my mother advising her he had gotten a little leopard mare he thought would be good for her horse crazy 12 year old daughter. My parents knew nothing of horse ownership. They knew they had a little girl who had horses in her soul. My earliest memories, I wanted horses! I finally had that spotted beauty. 

With no lessons or trainers and only the guidance of a fledging 4H group, we learned everything together.  “Cookie” became quite the little show horse. If I stayed over at my friend’s house, so did Cookie. I spent too many miles and hours to count with that little mare.  

No other breed would ever be above the Appaloosa after that. Sure, I had other breeds of horses. None like an Appaloosa. None with the heart, intelligence, patience and willingness of my first little mare. 

As I grew up and became a young adult the horses had scattered to the wind. I was a single mother struggling to get on my feet. I ached for a horse. I longed for that smell, the hair stuck to my clothes, the sound of them breathing. I needed horse therapy! I saw an ad for Appaloosa foals in our local paper.  My friend and I loaded up and took a drive out to Cheryl Miller’s farm in Elgin, PA. I bought a solid black colt that day on payments. I couldn’t pay my bills, but I had to have that colt! 

Hollidazzle Lena with Mariclaire and Tia

Left to right; Tia Waldron, Mariclaire Stearns, Cheryl Miller and Hollidazzle Lena, Versatility winner  at the

CRHA Nationals

That drive out to the country that day also began a friendship that has lasted over 20 years. Cheryl became my best friend and Appaloosa mentor. I spent hours in her office going over stud books and old Appaloosa Journals. She taught me the difference between a “modern” Appaloosa and a foundation Appaloosa. Her Appaloosas were special! They were the true Appaloosa. She introduced me to the different registries outside of the ApHC including CRHA, FAHR and of course ICAA. She taught me to value a good horse, regardless of the color. But boy did we both LOVE that color! She also educated me on the rights and wrongs of horse breeding. The way to research pedigrees and what should cross and what should be avoided. I gained an even bigger love and appreciation for this breed due to her friendship. I gained an understanding of wanting to protect and maintain the Appaloosa. And I damn sure wanted to show it! I wanted everyone to see that an Appaloosa can do anything you ask. I owe a lot to Cheryl Miller. She is sincerely the most honest, dedicated and knowledgeable horse person I know! 

While growing my life and my family, I was determined that I would never be horseless again.  I showed my horses all while boarding at other facilities. For 20 years, I was at the mercy of other farm owners and keeping up with board payments. The last several years I boarded were at Cheryl’s Horizon Hill Ranch. She was the best “landlord” ever! We got to do a lot together. She allowed me to show her mare, Ms Pepolena, at the ICAA National show held in Wattsburg, PA.  I won the High Point Award for the weekend. That little mare had so much heart. She inspired me to find my own mare. I was spoiled! I could not go back after that show with that mare. I had to have a fantastic Appaloosa mare like Ms Pepolena.  Cheryl encouraged me to go after my dreams. So, I did!

Mariclaire Stearns and Farr-ah-way Farm

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