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REMINDER: Starting January 1st, ALL incoming horses from other registries will be required to have 5-Panel N/N test results AND have DNA Typing on file with AGI!  If a horse has already been DNA Typed with the ApHC, those results MUST be on file with AGI, or the horse must be typed again through AGI.  There is a discount for current ICAA Members to do DNA Typing ($35) through AGI and may be easier to do it again than trying to get the results from the ApHC ($10) and sent to AGI for them to enter in their database ($10).  There are also discounted packages with AGI for current ICAA Members for 5-Panel with DNA Typing included, 5-Panel with DNA Typing and SCID included, and Color and Pattern Packages.  Use the form available on the ICAA website Forms Page for these discounts.  You do not need your membership number to send in the test samples so proceed to submitting these to AGI (instructions are on the form).  You will need to be a current member to receive  the results but do not need for your membership to be completed prior to sending samples to AGI.  At ICAA we believe that when you pay for testing, these are YOUR tests and if you are a current member we send you the results as soon as we receive them from AGI.  You pay AGI directly with the form and sample. 

ICAA makes zero dollars off of these tests. 
Our partnership and discounted packages with AGI are 100% a member benefit.

Stars Wildfire SL
ICAA F4-2715
submitted by Linda Hokanson

​​I purchased Pratt Double Secret in the spring of 2010. She traveled all the way from Red Hills Ranch in southern Oregon to west central Alberta, a very long journey! I had been forewarned by her previous owner that she was very difficult to catch, so it came as no surprise when this proved to be true. I felt so bad for her when she finally got here. When I opened the trailer door to bring her out to her new home, she was huddled as far to the front of the trailer as possible looking so lost and terrified. I had decided to keep her in the round pen for the first while which would allow me to work with her a bit. She made it very clear that people were NOT her favorite and would run to the opposite side of the pen when anyone approached. So, my first objective was to get her to trust us and be caught. We soon found that she was unfamiliar with grain, no clue about those yummy horse cookies and really did not like to be touched. There has to be some incentive to want to associate with humans, so we went to work getting her to like the goodies. It took some time but soon she had the taste for the cookies well established. Step by step we finally got her to take them from our hands.  We still did not try to touch her yet.  I then began to work with her in the round pen, 

Josh Nichol & Wildfire July 2016

We would like to thank the following for sponsoring this ad:

Nancy Whittley of Journey Farms in Mt Orab, OH and One Smart Ace #2636


​Dan Russell, Rancho Sin Dinero Ranch, 682-225-7076, home of DREA Thunderheadrain



​Cheryl Miller, Horizon Hills Ranch, Corry, PA, home of Brandon's Sun Bear F3-2263, HHR Ima Razzlin Bear F2-2538, and Zippspots Galore (ICAA pending)


Cornelia Riedel, standing Ima Rockin Secret F2-2711,



Jillian Billbrey

"We are the Bilbrey's John, Jill, Kyra, Adeline, Darcy Mae, and Cora with Justa Faze Horsemanship located at Isinglass Estates Equestrian Center in La Cygne KS.  We would like to dedicate our donation to Janice and Stanley Dobson who lit the fire in our hearts for this amazing breed."  
 913-594-8240 and email address


Jan & Stan Dobson of Foggy Valley Farms, home of FVF Iron Sabre F7-2656, the first documented 7 generation Appaloosa in the world


Robyn Lay, lover and long time supporter of the BREED as defined by pedigree


Deborah Ann New


Sharon January

Wildfire with Greg Czech


The 2017 Annual Membership meeting will be held this year at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY on September 23rd.  We are very excited to meet there again, as this is a phenominal place to visit if you love horses.  It's the only place of its kind in the world.  If you don't know much about it, you can go to their website at where you will find a wealth of information.  The airport is a short 14.5 miles from the park and there are many motels and hotels nearby.  There is also a campground at the park if you prefer to camp!

Set the date!  Plan to be there for several days as there is far too much to do in one day.  Meeting location will be announced at a later time and is tentatively scheduled to start at 10:00 am. 

Stars Fim Koppur for a four generation foundation bred foal. 

On May 11, 2011 she delivered a gorgeous black leopard colt in the middle of a huge windstorm that had sparked a mega wildfire that destroyed half of a community (Slave Lake) north of us hence his name, Stars Wildfire SL.  I was worried that Oreo would be aggressive and uncomfortable foaling in our facility since she was used to foaling out in a large pasture. Worry was needless, she was more than happy to have me “assist” which involved standing  and watching LOL. She delivered close to midnight, healthy foal and all normal. He was a beauty and I felt a special attachment, felt he was very special. I loved his look and his personality. Really wanted to keep him. But, as a yearling he was sold as a prospective herd sire and I swallowed my feelings. His new owner nicely kept me posted on his development and he did sire some very nice foals for her. But, in 2015 she decided that the breeding game was not for her and sold all her broodmares. She then contacted me in the spring of 2016 to offer me first choice on Wildfire. I had lost his sire in March to colic so was open for another stallion. He came back to us in June of 2016. In the meantime several things had changed and we had decided to no longer breed as well. We made the decision to keep him anyways and had him gelded. We can always use a good riding horse! Wildfire & I attended his first clinic in July with a superb clinician, Josh Nichol of A Horseman's Pursuit, to ensure we got off to a very solid start in training (the previous owners had done little to no training). He is an extremely intelligent horse, learns very fast & has that wonderful “what's next?” attitude. Plus, he is very beautiful to look at and possesses fantastic natural carriage. Everyone fell in love with him which is not often the case with our Appaloosas, he is a tremendous ambassador for the breed.

Meet our new ICAA District Representative for District V (TX, OK, KS, MO), Conny Riedel.

Conny moved from Germany in 2003 and now lives in Springtown, TX, working in a large equine clinic as an ICU technician. She is also the owner of the gorgeous stallion Ima Rockin Secret F2-2711 and a few other beautiful Appaloosas.

Learn about Conny on the About Us page.

Welcome Conny!

He went to a trainer in the fall (I am getting to the age where I am no longer comfortable with first rides, very hard after starting my own horses for the past 56 years!) and won over another fan! Winter has been frustrating as I am anxious to carry on with his training but the weather is not cooperating at all! But spring is just around the corner and I am really looking forward to putting some miles on this beautiful boy! We are booked into two clinics with excellent teachers and have several group rides planned. I am looking forward to many years of enjoying this ICAA gelding!

Stars Wildfire SL F4-2715

“This horse is the result of years of commitment, hard work and breeding knowledge”....Josh

Be looking for the July issue of Horse Illustrated in which the Appaloosa will be featured.  Look for our ICAA ad in this edition as shown below.  

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teaching her to face me etc. After a few sessions she was ok with me approaching her and resigned herself to be caught, which I refused to do. She was puzzled at first and didn't understand why I hadn't grabbed her halter when she submitted but in only on more session, she offered herself completely and happily, then I took hold of her halter and lead her a few steps before releasing her again. Progress was very rapid after that, she got to love being touched & groomed and we could catch her anywhere. Once this was all done, it was into breeding season. I loved this mare's conformation and her mind. I decided to breed her to my ICAA registered black leopard stallion,


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