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Remember, once a sire and dam have both tested negative, none of their foals will need tested, so this is an initial expense that will rarely have to be done again. DNA Typing will be necessary on foals but not the more expensive 5-Panel test. MEMBERS, USE THE ICAA/AGI PARTNERSHIP FORM AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE FOR DISCOUNTS ON GENETIC TESTING PACKAGES AND DNA TYPING. If AGI offers deals such as getting a free Color or Pattern Package, you can still use the ICAA/AGI partnership form, attach their coupon and attach their form for the color or pattern package deal. OUR FORM SHOULD BE USED FOR THE REQUIRED TESTS AS THE DNA TYPING IS INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE. Form is available on the ICAA website.

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​chance.  So for the night, they made her stall as small as possible.  It was to keep her on her feet with her head tied to the wall, so no laying down, 24/7.

Later that afternoon, consult was made with a well known vet; Scott Hansen.  A friend and colleague of Billee's for many years at the Portland Race Track, so he was very experienced with leg issues.  He confirmed the standing procedure; no wraps or cast.  He found sometimes that wraps and casts are more agitating for the horses than they are a help.  Six weeks of little to no movement.  She could be loose under supervision to eat and drink for short periods of time.  Her recovery was going to depend a lot on her and her willingness to accept the circumstances.  But she was still a two-year old and no guarantees.  So Billee spent the first six weeks with her in her stall probably 20 hours out of the day.  For an 84 year old, not an easy feat. 

Billee had an old vet book that touted the powers of "Dr Green"; GRASS!  So to keep her interested in eating and to help keep her digestive system on track, being on heavy meds and all, Billee would hand pick tubs of grass for Lakota numerous times a day and bring it in her stall.  After the first few times, Lakota would watch with anticipation and her eyes would light up when she saw Billee walk to the pasture with her tub.  These times were Lakota's highlights of the day. 

X-ray of the vertical breaks in Lakota's leg and knee

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calcium growths, or lumps.  Her knee was straight and the legs were the same length.  They could not have imagined she would come out this good.  He even tested her at the walk and trot on a lunge line and detected no lameness! Praise God! 

Then Dr Scott asked specifically, "What are your plans for her?"

The wide open trails and country!  As long as they were not doing fast, hard-stopping, turning or torquing  activities, he felt she would be fine. 

They left on Cloud Nine!!! 

Very slowly they restarted her ground work and getting her mind back on track with a future job.  And she showed such enthusiasm. 

It will be two years this June and what a journey.  As of this writing, Sheryll has 15 trail rides on her and she is doing great.  

Billee Lieser gets the credit for Lakota's daily caretaking.  With 60+ years with horses, Billee has the ability to analyze and problem solve.  She was the biggest part, with determination and dedication to this little girl. 

Vicki Treadwell and Sheryll were the background and backup support for Billee.  AND LOTS OF PRAYERS.  

Credit goes to the vet for stabilizing the leg from further injury without knowing what exactly they were dealing with. 

And Lakota..... An amazing two year old, having the disposition, attitude, and willingness to "go with the flow".  She also was a big part of her own recovery.

Sequoia Reign (F5-2712), aka: Lakota
owned by Billee Lieser and Sheryll Pizanelli-Morgan

Eight weeks after the break, they started hand grazing her right outside her stall on a lead for an hour at a time, four times a day.  All three girls took turns at this procedure for the next six months.  When she wasn't under lead line, her face was tied to the wall.  What this baby was asked to endure was a lot.  Still, she remained calm, compliant, and willing to do what was asked of her.  It was like she was saying, "If you guys are trying and working so hard to save me, I will do my best on my part". 

Nine months after the break, they had Lakota x-rayed.  To the amazement of Dr Scott, she had healed with good bone growth.  One tiny spot left to go and he figured it would close in two to three months.  He saw no malformations, excessive 

An ordinary day..... June 23, 2016.  Billee is taking care of her farm, Sheryll is at her morning part-time job, and Vicki is due to arrive any time to help Billee with any projects of the day. 

Then the call..... 1:30 pm.  Billee calls Sheryll that she is needed RIGHT NOW!  Lakota is three-legged lame in the pasture and refuses to move.  She is about 300 feet from the barn and the sky looks like it could start downpouring any second.  

Vicki is calling vets to see who is around and available NOW!  After three calls and 30 minutes, one is on the way.  All the while this filly is in agonizing pain.  It is the left front leg.  

Ridgefield Equine finally arrives and determines it is serious but not sure what.  Bute is given and the leg wrapped in a splint to stabilize it.  Then the oh-so long journey to the barn.  On three legs, tears, tugging, and vigorous encouragement.  Ten minutes later she is finally in the barn.  300 feet never felt so long. 

With x-rays done, it has confirmed the vet's suspicions.  Her leg is broke.  Two vertical breaks on the outside edge and through the growth plate at the knee.  

Ten years of looking for that special filly, and Billee's and Sheryll's dreams are shattered. 

The vet mentioned a couple of times in their conversation - euthanasia.  They were adamant that it was not an option and they wanted to try and give her a 

Sequoia Reign (Lakota) pictured as a two-year old


The date for the Annual Membership Meeting has been set!

Date: Saturday, September 22, 2018 (time to be announced) 

Location: Shipshewana, IN (exact location to be determined) 

Please join us for fun in the little Amish town of Shipshewana where there are Amish stores to wander through, buggy tours, good eats, and a weekly Friday horse auction with tack and other horsey items auctioned and for sale by vendors.  Many of us will come in sometime on Thursday so we can have time to play on Friday before the meeting on Saturday.  There is a new event center in Shipshewana!  Check out the jam-packed schedule they have!  Lots of horse shows, too!

Many of us stay at the Der Ruhe Blatz Motel, although there are other locations for you to choose from.  This motel is clean, in a good location, and generally has good rates.  Their website is  

There are two airports to fly into;  South Bend, IN and Fort Wayne, IN.  Fort Wayne is a small airport, easy to navigate, and about 59 miles to Shipshewana.  South Bend is a larger airport, larger city, and about 50 miles from Shipshewana. 

So this is a story of a heartbreak, tears, a lot of hard work, and tireless hours of determination, dedication, and love for a little, long-awaited Appaloosa filly named Lakota.  Not every horse that this may happen to will have the same results.  But a story of HOPE that with the right horse, people, and circumstances, there might be a chance for someone to be able to save that special friend. 

For any questions or more detailed information on Lakota, please contact Sheryll at

Spring is right around the corner, show season will shortly be in full swing with competition trail and leisurely trail riding happening as well!  Click on the navigation tab "Programs" to see what programs are offered!  All are priced very reasonable and there are year end awards!  

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Sequoia Reign with Sheryll

"Life can change in the blink of an eye"
This is the heart wrenching story of three friends and a two-year old filly named Sequoia Reign, aka: Lakota

Sequoia Reign with Billee Lieser 11/4/17-85th Birthday

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