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Anyone who renews their membership now or who is a new member will be active from when you submit your application through 2019.  Renew your membership today! 

Memberships may be done online via PayPal or you can use your credit card through PayPal.  Membership forms and all other forms are available online as well.

Stallion Reports are due before the end of December.  Reports should list all mares bred, regardless if they are another breed or grade.  Free to current members when filed on time. 


These rules stem from the 2018 Annual Membership Meeting and voting that was held in October.  

1. The name of the Breeding Stock Registry will be changed to theNon-Characteristic Division.  These horses will be registered per their generational classification with an N before their registration number.  Geldings will be eligible for registration in this division along with mares and stallions.  Stallions will be required to be F3 or above per current rules.  Geldings will have the same requirements as mares per current rules.  

2. All horses registered in the Non-Characteristic Division will be eligible to enroll in the Open Show Point Program (these horses are already eligible for enrollment in Trail Logging and ICAA Distance Programs). 

3. All horses registered in the Non-Characteristic Division who are enrolled in the OSPP will be allowed to compete in Open and Appaloosa Breed shows, earn points, and be eligible to qualify for year-end awards.  They will not be eligible to compete in any ICAA shows or events unless ICAA is offering a separate class for solid horses.   

4. Currently registration papers of non-characteristic mares and stallions are stamped "Breeding Stock Only - Not Eligible for Race, Show, or Exhibition".  This will change to "Non-Characteristic - Not Eligible for Race, Show, or Exhibition in ICAA Shows or Events unless Solid Classes are Offered".   

5. OSPP awards will be divided into the various classifications of Foundation Registry, Regular Registry, and Non-Characteristic Division. 

6. Testing for pattern is not required, but phenotypically solid, non-characteristic foals can be tested and if they are carrying LP then they can be registered in the Regular or Foundation general registries and be eligible to compete in ICAA shows and events.  If they are not tested, they will be registered in the Non-Characteristic Division.  If untested foals are later tested and found to carry LP, or later develop a coat pattern, they can advance to the Regular/Foundation registries.  

As you may have noticed from the new logo at the top of the pages, ICAA decided it was time for an update to a much nicer horse.  Thank you Tess McCallum of TM Photography & Design for making such a wonderful logo for us!  Forms, etc, will be changed over time to show the new logo.  

The Stallion Service Auction's Stallions Are Listed!

ICAA will be holding its 2019 Annual Stallion Service Auction starting December 15, 2018 through January 15, 2019, with a follow-up auction for those stallions who don't sell sometime in March.  

We have a great lineup of very good stallions this year  This year we have an F6 (a six generation) for your consideration!  And we have a Gold Medallion earner, plus many more good horses.  Don't let this opportunity pass you by!  

The proceeds  from this auction will go to help support our activities such as the Trail Logging program, Open Show Point Program, and the Distance Program (Endurance and Competitive Trail).  Fund raisers like The Stallion Service Auction help us maintain our very reasonable fees.​

​Please click on the Stallion Service Auction navigation tab or 

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