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Annas Top Dun F2-2379 with Jet To The Moon F3-2693

Meeting updates can be seen below the bio!

Northstar Ladybug F2-2388 and Keith Larson

REMINDER: ICAA Stallion and mare owners. Any stallions turning in a stallion report for 2017 and any mares on this report will have to have 5-Panel test results and DNA Typing on file with ICAA. DNA Typing MUST be on file with Animal Genetics (AGI). Starting January 1, 2018 ALL horses being registered must have 5-Panel negative results on file with ICAA AND have DNA Typing on file with AGI to be eligible for registration.

Remember, once a sire and dam have both tested negative, none of their foals will need tested, so this is an initial expense that will rarely have to be done again. DNA Typing will be necessary on foals but not the more expensive 5-Panel test. MEMBERS, USE THE ICAA/AGI PARTNERSHIP FORM AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE FOR DISCOUNTS ON GENETIC TESTING PACKAGES AND DNA TYPING. If AGI offers deals such as getting a free Color or Pattern Package, you can still use the ICAA/AGI partnership form, attach their coupon and attach their form for the color or pattern package deal. OUR FORM SHOULD BE USED FOR THE REQUIRED TESTS AS THE DNA TYPING IS INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE. Form is available on the ICAA website.

Part of ICAA's goal is to have a clean registry for all known genetic defects and for its integrity by doing parentage verification. Stallion and mare owner's should prepare by getting untested breeding stock tested now and throughout this year so if they have a lot of horses they can do this gradually rather than get hit with it all at one time when they're trying to register foals next year.

ICAA makes zero dollars off of these tests. 
Our partnership and discounted packages with AGI are 100% a member benefit.

Hobos Dream Girl F4-2591 and Anna Larson

The 2017 ICAA Annual Membership Meeting went extremely well.  It was held at the beautiful Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY.  The weather was perfect and as always, the KHP is an awesome place to visit!  The icing on the cake was to have the opportunity to meet VKS Thunder Moon F4-2626 in person; one of our own who is proudly on display as the Appaloosa breed representative, and to see him perform in the Parade of Breeds.  Thunder is owned and donated/on loan to the Park by Nell Weber.  

We had a very good meeting and feel we got a lot accomplished.  The highlights of upcoming events, proposals and rule changes are as follows:  

​1) The 2018 Stallion Service Auction will advertised soon.  Stallion Service donations are being sought now and as they are donated they will be posted and advertised.  The auction itself will run from December 1st, 2017 through January 15th, 2018 for the 2018 breeding season.  Donors of stallions will receive one free foal registration in 2018 and winning bidders will receive a free membership.  Stallions do not have to be ICAA registered at time of donation but must be eligible for ICAA registration and be registered with ICAA before the end of the breeding year. 

 2) Geldings will not be required to have DNA Typing on file to be registered.  They will still be required to have 5-Panel test results on file per the current rule (negative for dominant defective genes and negative or heterozygous for recessive defective genes). 

Passed unanimously 

7) ICAA registered horses produced by any cloning process are not eligible for registration.

Explanation for this proposal: "The DNA between the original and the clone cannot be differentiated and henceforth it would be a problem registering foals from stallions that are clones.  I also believe that to keep the gene pool broader, it is in the interest of the ICAA to not let clones be registered, otherwise that DNA would be coming up over and over again, even though the horse had died several years back."

Passed unanimously 

4) Solid stallions will now be allowed in the F3 registry classification of the Breeding Stock/Foundation Registry (3-generations).  This takes the required generations for a solid stallion to be eligible for registry down one generation from F4 (4-generation).

Due to the evolution of genetic testing and the knowledge and understanding we now have to realize the importance of our solid horses in breeding programs, ICAA will now accept F3 solid stallions into the Breeding Stock registry with the requirement that they be bred to mares carrying an Appaloosa coat pattern.

Passed unanimously 

5} Rules for Embryo Transfer will be added with restrictions allowing only one foal per year to be registered.

Meet Anna Larson

Mariclaire and Farrah Stearns

If you also can’t tell, I also have an obsession with the dun gene in horses. So I’ve searched high and low to find generational Appaloosas with dun coloration. So I intentionally scoured the sales notices for over two years in order to find the right combination of pedigree, bloodlines, and conformation in dun Appaloosas around the country. Annas Top Dun is one of my choices. 

 My “Dream” horse literally came to me in a dream. Hobos Dream Girl (F4-2591) first popped into my dreams about one month after my childhood gelding Hobo was euthanized due to a twisted intestine. He haunted my dreams for weeks and weeks until I accidentally found the foal for sale. I tried to ignore it  

Stan and Jan Dobson in front of the famous Secretariat memorial

I only have a few horses due to space, money and all that jazz, but my mares are part of the family. I choose each with an intent to breed at some point, and to breed up in generations. 

Northstar Ladybug (F2-2388), my Minnesota purchase, is the horse that tuned me in to the ICAA.

​​Ladybug came with ICAA and CRHA papers, but no ApHC papers. I learned all about the ICAA because of her. Over time, I learned that I preferred the way the ICAA rules were structured and their breeding generational Appaloosa to Appaloosa appealed to my interest in raising appaloosas, not just Quarter Horses with spots. So I’ve continued using ICAA to register my horses ever since.

Although one of my mares, Annas Top Dun F2-2379 has more Quarter Horse bloodlines up close, she’s still more generational Appaloosa than what I could get locally. 

Other topics of conversation covered the reading and approval of the 2016 minutes, the reading of the financial report and statistics, and what has transpired over the past year, such as the online backup of ICAA files is going well, we are having a lot of website hits, and that genetic testing is going very well on incoming horses.  Jan Dobson went over the events at the Tennessee State Fair's Appaloosa Night. Other topics were on possible shows for 2018.  Advertising venues were also discussed.

​At the end of the meeting, a small fundraiser was held.  The Stone horse model that was Pete Stone's rendition of our breed standard horse, 

​named 'ICAA Phoenix Rising', signed and numbered by Pete Stone and the artist, Julie Keim, ended up being auctioned, as a "bidding war" unexpectedly ensued, which was a lot of fun.  This was the last model to become available to own unless someone that owns one decides to sell someday.  Thank you Deborah Ann New for your donation of this model!  The remaining ICAA t-shirts were given out or raffled, with two being raffled and a small one being given to future ICAA member, 3-year old Farrah Stearns.  

The meeting was adjourned and everyone hightailed it over to the park to try to make the Parade of Breeds and to tour the park.  What an wonderful day! 

and not buy her, but the dreams wouldn’t stop. When I finally looked at her pedigree and saw both the gelding’s name and my name in her pedigree, I knew she was mine.

​I prefer that my horses be “using” horses before being breeding horses. I don’t show, but I do trail ride. Dream and I placed 6th in the State of NM and in the top 100 in the nation during her first year of competition with ACTHA trail riding. I continue to use and “show” my Appaloosas at all of our Back Country Horsemen trail and work rides. My husband Keith, rides Ladybug and I usually ride Dream on our many adventures throughout the state and our region. We have participated in parades, Rodeo Grand Entries, and many BCH work projects.

My pride and joy, Hobo’s Heart (F5-2730), I hope will stand at stud in the future and pass on his great temperament and beauty along the way.

Stan Dobson

Hello all, I’m Anna Larson. I was born a horse addicted child. I apparently also obtained by obsession for Appaloosa spotty butts from my mother and grandfather. I grew up in south eastern New Mexico where the Quarter Horse rules the land, but I wanted different from the first time I saw that big black stallion with the white and black spotted blanket. He was owned by Mr. Jim Sears. We boarded my first horse Dolly at his place, and my mom took us to visit and see his horses. My mom told me the stallion looked just like Stud Spider, but I was too young to know who Stud Spider was back then. I did know, however, that I wanted to own a horse like that. 

I grew up listening to stories of my mom showing her POA’s at shows all over Iowa and all the people she’d met over time. My mom Sandra (Wilson) Connolly and my grandpa Robert Wilson had raised, trained, bred, and shown POA’s nearly from the beginning of the organization of the club. My grandpa had one of the first ten ponies registered in the newly formed POAC and at one point, he was also on the board of directors. 

There was no agreement on this proposal.  One Member stated she should be able to use her stallions semen for as long as she wanted to as that is her right. Others made similar comments.  However, there was some discussion on possibly limiting it to use on their own personal mares and/or allowing for the use of the frozen semen over a longer period of time such as 5-10 years.  The proposal was tabled for further investigation and member input.  

3) Solid geldings from registered Appaloosa parents will now be eligible for ICAA registration.  They will be registered in the Regular Registry regardless of the number of generations behind them.  These geldings will be allowed to enroll in Trail Logging and ICAA Distance programs. 

ICAA realized we needed a place for these horses as they still have something to offer and they are not just throwaway horses.  The rule will still stand that they may not be shown but they may be enrolled in the above programs just as solid mares are. 

Passed unanimously 

I loved hearing about all the spotted horses my mom grew up seeing. But living here in Quarter Horse country, I never saw very many Appaloosas of my own. When my grandpa died and left me a bit of his inheritance, I decided to find one. I was sorely disappointed with the stock available in the state as they were basically all the AQHA bloodlines I’d grown up with only with a few spots. I wanted more, so I searched high and low for horses with more Appaloosa and less Quarter Horse. I had to “import” my horses from other states. One from Minnesota, one from Iowa, and finally, one from Arkansas. 

6) Only one foal per mare per year shall be eligible for registration with the exception of twins carried to term by the natural mother.  A veterinary certificate stating that the mare foaled two full term foals is necessary for registration eligibility.  That information will be on the registration papers.           
Explanation for this proposal: “To keep the gene pool broader and more natural I think if it is a real twin birth, registration papers can be designated to each foal, the risk for a breeder to do this on purpose I think are too high.  Considering that in the area I live a lot of breeders use recipient mares and mares have 5-6 or more foals per year, sometimes even with the same stallion, I think it is necessary to get it in writing that this practice is not acceptable with the ICAA.  Embryo Transfers are allowed, but only one foal will be registered.” 

Passed unanimously 

8) With respect to a stallion foaled in 2018 or after, the semen of such stallion may not be used beyond 2 calendar years following the year of his death or his being gelded to produce a foal eligible for registration with ICAA. 

Explanation for this proposal: "To keep the gene pool broader and let new stallions bring fresh bloodlines into the mix, the use of frozen semen should be restricted.  If the stallion dies at the end of December, the stallion owner has a chance to keep the stud contracts and breed the consecutive year to get rid of the semen and give people a chance to breed one last time.  But at the same time I think it should be restricted; see “Dash To Fame” stallion who died in 2011 and barrel racers are still breeding with his semen.”

Sharon January with VKS Thunder Moon F4-2626, the KHP Appaloosa breed representative.  What an awesome experience!  Beverly, his rider that day, was such a sweet girl!

Cheryl Miller

To learn more about Anna's "dream horse", look for her book "The Horse That Haunts Dreams" on Amazon.

Hobos Heart F5-2730

2017 ICAA Annual Membership Meeting

The Fall Newsletter is now available!

ICAA will be holding a Stallion Service Auction for the breeding year of 2018.  We will begin looking for stallions immediately for donation of services to this auction.  As we receive stallion service donations, they will be posted on a Facebook page dedicated to this auction, on the ICAA Facebook page, and will added to the ICAA Website.  Postings to Facebook will be almost immediate and the advertising for them will be continuous until the auction is over.  The website will be adding a Navigation Tab soon to take you to a page dedicated to this auction.  

Stallions donated do not have to be ICAA registered at the time of donation but must be eligible for ICAA registration and registered before the end of the breeding year, 2018.  Stallion contracts and mare care is between the stallion and mare owner. 

All bidding will be done through Facebook, text or email.  Bids are considered a contract!

Stallion owners who donate will receive one free 2018 foal registration and winning bidders will receive a free ICAA Membership. 

Bidding will run from December 1st to January 15th!  

Be looking these nice stallions over as they are posted and consider them for your mare(s) for the 2018 breeding season!  

We thank both stallion owners that donate and mare owners who bid for your support of ICAA!  

You may submit your donations to Cheryl Miller at, call her at 814-882-5014, or to Sharon January at and we are also available to contact on Facebook!  Please send a write-up on them telling about them with their registered name, number and all pertinent information.  

Currently there have been six stallions donated.  More on these soon!

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