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2018 ICAA Annual Membership Meeting - Held 9/22/18

This year's meeting was held exclusively via teleconference.  It went extremely well and we will be doing this again for every meeting, regardless if some of us are at the meeting in person or not.  This is great for those who cannot travel the distance to the meeting in person.  We have decided that since this worked so well, we can have additional meetings throughout the year so members can stay current and/or express their opinions and ideas in a meeting setting.  We will hold "mini-meetings" quarterly.  If you have not done so, renew your membership now to be included in these meetings.  Those inactive members can renew or new members can join now and the membership will be good for the rest of this year and all of 2019.  See the Fall Newsletter for highlights of the meeting.

Memberships/Stallion Reports

Anyone who renews their membership now or who is a new member will be active from when you submit your application through 2019.  Renew your membership today! 

Memberships may be done online via PayPal or you can use your credit card through PayPal.  Membership forms and all other forms are available online as well.

Stallion Reports are due before the end of December.  Reports should list all mares bred, regardless if they are another breed or grade.  Free to current members when filed on time. 

MH Sonic Boom F4-2737
with Brewster

Photo by Lynn Rose Equine Photography

I was incredibly fortunate to find CTR Super Sonic, a loud leopard stallion who had spent the prior few years starting a breeding program in Ohio. I fell instantly in love with his disposition and gentle nature. I got in touch with his original breeder, Cheryl Woods of CT Ranch and Cheryl was so willing and happy to share all that she has learned in her years of breeding and enjoying appaloosas. Cheryl happened to be getting out of the breeding business and offered up for sale Wyoming Wind and her foal, CTR Murder Hollow who we quickly snapped up. From there, our breeding program, Murder Hollow, was born. 

This past year we have added a homozygous black & PATN stallion, CTR Turn and Burn, as well as two additional fewspot mares, Candy Coated Angel and Chelseas Honey Whirl who also happens to be buckskin. We’re very excited to see what the next year’s foal crop will bring! Allen is a four-in-hand whip and we’ve started to train CTR Super Sonic to drive and look forward to possibly having him in a team. While the appaloosa breed tends to have a reputation of being a “backyard” horse, we’ve enjoyed getting to change people’s perspective by introducing them to our well-bred, willing and kind breed ambassadors. 

A few years ago, Allen and I were given the opportunity to move back to the farm where Allen was raised…and with some convincing and promises of horses, I gladly left our Philadelphia center city life. Both Allen and I were raised with a love of horses – Allen grew up on a Morgan horse breeding farm that was regularly showing and while I “suffered” though my childhood without a pony, I enjoyed many years of pony camp and jumping. I had always loved the bold coat patterns that appaloosas offer and was excited to find my perfect horse. I wasn’t particularly familiar with the breed given we live in Chester County, Pennsylvania where warmbloods are the norm and my limited experience of the breed was with misbehaving lesson horses.

CTR Super Sonic F4-2716

See him in the Stallion Showcase

Photo by Lynn Rose Equine Photography

This picture was taken at Dressage at Devon – MH Sonic Boom (F4-2737) was entered in the Colts of the Current Year class and was adored by every single person he walked by on his way to the ring. He had a line of little girl admirers looking to give him love and attention as soon as the class was over. 

Meet Renee Dubyk

Chelseas Honey Whirl, a buckskin fewspot mare we recently purchased from Hawkeye Ranch (pending ICAA registration)

Photo by Lynn Rose Equine Photography

We’ve made some wonderful friendships and have enjoyed the comradery of the many passionate foundation breeders and owners. We proudly support the ICAA and its mission by registering all of our horses and foals.  The preservation of this beautiful breed is essential and it is up to the members of ICAA to help promote and foster the breed so newcomers can appreciate everything our horses have to offer.

Renée Dubyk & Allen Tucci
Murder Hollow Farm
Chester County, Pennsylvania


The ICAA Fall Newsletter is now online!  

Looking for a Few Good Stallions!

ICAA will be holding its 2019 Annual Stallion Service Auction at the end of December through mid January, with a follow-up auction for those stallions who don't sell sometime in March.  ICAA is looking for donations of stallions to put in this auction. 

Stallion owners who donate their stallion(s) will get free advertising through this period as well as a free registration in 2020.  

Stallions who are not ICAA registered must be eligible for registration and registered by the end of 2019. 

The proceeds  from this auction will go to help support our activities such as the Trail Logging program, Open Show Point Program, and the Distance Program (Endurance and Competitive Trail).  Fund raisers like The Stallion Service Auction help us maintain our very reasonable fees.​

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