The ICAA Appaloosa is identified by three unique characteristics – 

Mottled Skin
Striped Hooves
White Eye Sclera

Contrasting color coat patterns almost always accompany these three characteristics and make the Appaloosa easily recognizable.  Coat patterns can range from spotted leopards to fewspot leopards, to blankets with spots, to snowcap blankets with no spots, to just a few snowflakes on a dark coat, or even darker spots on a dark coat.  There can be a wide variety of color and patterns in between these basic coat patterns including varnish roans.  Because they carry the LP gene, foals born solid with characteristics almost always develop a coat pattern at some point, even if just a few snowflakes or marginal Appaloosa roaning, not to be confused with the common roan seen in other breeds.

The ICAA places strong emphasis on striving for these contrasting Appaloosa coat patterns. Genetic testing has made it possible to predict both base color and Appaloosa characteristics with some certainty. Although pattern genes have been identified, there is currently no test for them so the various coat patterns remain somewhat of a mystery.  This is what many believe makes breeding the ICAA Appaloosa exciting, challenging, and so rewarding.  We recognize non-characteristic solids (those with deep appaloosa blood but no LP gene) provide a valuable contribution to healthy breeding stock programs but we do not believe they represent the ideal Appaloosa.

We believe the true Appaloosa is an honest all-around hard working family horse that is easy to keep and deserves recognition throughout the world.  In addition to its three unique characteristics and unmistakable coat pattern, the Appaloosa is known for its

Athletic Ability,
Devoted and Loyal Heart,
Durability and Versatility,
and Gentle, Willing Disposition

The last 30 years have not been kind to the Appaloosa.  Betrayed by uncontrolled and ongoing outcrosses within its founding registry, the authentic Appaloosa has suffered in popularity, numbers, and respect.  The ICAA was born of concern and a fervent love for this authentic blood breed shared by all whose lives have been touched by them.

The ICAA is governed by all its members, rich or poor.  If you share our love for this magnificent breed, whether you own an Appaloosa or not, we invite you to join us.  We invite you to help us earn back the respect the Appaloosa deserves.  We invite you to help guide this endeavor with your ideas, your thoughts, and your comments.  It will take the help of all Appaloosa enthusiasts to rebuild this breed to its rightful place in the equestrian world!

Welcome to the International Colored Appaloosa Association, the first and only Appaloosa registry created to produce eight generation purebred Appaloosa horses by the only method recognized by animal scientists and geneticists.  Once we have these eight generation Appaloosas, which is fast becoming a reality, the purebred registry will be opened with the goal of producing purebred Appaloosas well into the future.

Dedicated to the Preservation, Protection, Promotion
and Development of the Purebred Appaloosa

Publicity: Contact Deborah Ann New at 503 308 0240 or Email

Also, for your enjoyment 

Herbies Last Spots #2603

2012 Appaloosa Breed Representative

at the Kentucky Horse Park

For your enjoyment

VKS Thunder Moon F4-2626

2013 Appaloosa World Open Senior Reining Winner

Also, current Appaloosa Breed Representative at the Kentucky Horse Park


International Colored

Appaloosa Association, Inc

Our Informational Brochure may be printed out for yourself or for you to pass out for publicity and promotion.  Some programs print these out perfectly for the tri-fold and others tend to mess up formatting so please print one out to test first!

Most photos in slideshow of VKS Thunder Moon were done by Cindy Evans Photography,,

 and by James Shambeau.

ICAA Contact Information


​4610 New Mexico 206

Milnesand, NM 88125



For problems navigating the website, contact Sharon at 575-607-9737 from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm MST 
or email at above email address

Horses Pictured in the Slide Show

AAA App BluSky Eclat F2-2692

AAA App Eclats Bear F4-2634

AAA App Eclat Legacy F3-2633

BCA Chats Shinaku F6-2700

BCA Chats Yamahawk F6-2699

BCA Kagos Dazaifu F5-2698

BCA Tofoz Pahsimeroi F5-2642

BCA Tofoz Tiburon F2-2640

Brandon's Sun Bear F3-2263

Buckhorn Ranch Horses

CTR Earth WindN Fire F4-2681

Dancen Magic F2-1397

Dancer's Perfection F2-1384

Everybodys Angel F4-2621

Foggy Valley Farms Horses

FVF Bucks Iced Glory F2-2657

FVF Diamond Dust F4-2690

FVF Iron Sabre F7-2656

FVF Iron Spike (F7 deceased)

FVF Oganali Zeva F6-2623

​FVF Sabrina Shine F5-2695

FVF Thunderbolt F5-2666

FVF Wind Serenade F3-2658

Hanks Lady Duckess F2-2651

Hawk A Lena #2171

Herbies Last Spots #2603

HHR Howies Koko Bean F3-2607

Hobos Dream Girl F4-2591

Im A Mighty Joe #2615

​Iron Lady Hawk F3-2682

JBS Sham Again F2-2609

JokerBs Apache Queen F3-2713

My Silver Eagle F3-2232

Jojos Black Cloud F3-2052

Northstar Ladybug F2-2380

One Smart Ace #2635

Rajuns Royal Prince F4-2619

R Secret Joe Medallion F3-2443

​RHA Iron Will F6-2625

RHA Spring Blues F5-2667

Rio De Meade #2612

S an R Buck Shot F4-2054

Seago Golden Dream F2-2682

Secret Mr BarReed F2-1799

SHA Patchobys Design F4-2645

Sparkys Little Buger F2-2604

Spotted Nacona F3-2653

Stars Fim Koppur F3-2401

Sundancing Chelsea O F3-2667

Super Sexy Sham F2-2688

TMR Vickis Redeagle F4-2662

VKS Thunder Moon F4-2626

WA Arapho Lena #2617

WA Ulrich Gem F3-2616